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About MapHubs

Maps are essential. They provide context to complex issues and evidence to require action. We founded MapHubs to make mapping and spatial analytics more accessible and impactful.

Since founding in 2017, our clients have used MapHubs all over the world. We've helped them map the cocoa expansion in West Africa, social investments from mining in Democratic Republic of the Congo, industrial agriculture in Peru, and retail blight in the United States. 

In 2021, we now run softwares systems in all of the major tropical regions of the world, monitor thousands of mills, providing services to everyone from multilateral government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and nimble, high impact, watchdogs. 

We are proud to be an open source company and actively contribute to open data projects such as OpenStreetMap. We also maintain Map for Environment - an open data portal for environmental data. 

By providing a platform powerful enough for a pro but simple to use for a novice, our mission is to make the mapping world bigger. 

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MAR 2016

MapHubs v0.1 first released

Launch of MapHubs-powered Map for Environment at IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii

SEPT 2016

JAN 2017

MapHubs, Inc founded 

in Washington, D.C.

MapHubs launches the Rapid Response System with Mighty Earth and AidEnvironment

OCT 2017

Launch of 

Forest Report

MAY 2019

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Launch of

MAR 2021