MapHubs in Action

 MapHubs help our clients track cocoa expansion in Ghana, map energy infrastructure across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and pinpoint illegal logging in the Amazon. 


Feronia: Monitoring at the Plantation Scale

Feronia is an agriculture company rehabilitating three oil palm concessions that fell into disrepair during Congo's decades of conflict. With over a hundred thousand of hectares to monitor, Feronia use MapHubs Forest to map concession and plantation boundaries, pinpoint social safeguards such as health clinics, and track deforestation every week. 

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Mighty Earth maps with MapHubs Pro

Mighty Earth is an organization on a mission. Formed by a team of seasoned campaigners, Mighty tirelessly advocates for environmental justice from the Amazon to prairies of the US Midwest. Mighty's campaigns are powered by MapHubs maps, which have been widely reported in the media

GIZ and Carter Center shine spotlight on DRC mining

Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has long been plagued by opaque deals, poor governance, and damaging social and environmental impacts. To bring greater accountability, GIZ and the Carter Center use MapHubs Pro as a portal for mapping industry social commitments across the Katanga - the major mining region in DRC. 

Nature's Secret Service uses MapHubs Pro

MapHubs Pro powers mapping for the  Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) - a Washington DC-based nonprofit organization that investigates, documents, and exposes these activities, seeking to stop illegal forest clearance and hold accountable those responsible.

Map for Environment makes data available for all

Map for Environment (M4E) is a home for the world's open map data and an easy tool for making and sharing maps. Since launching last September, M4E has grown to over 500 data layers and 384 interactive maps.

Mapping invisible infrastructure in DRC

Satellites are helpful when activities already exist but what about if they are planned? Infrastructure plans still on the drawing board can have major social and environmental impacts. Resource Matters, a new nonprofit Watchdog, chose MapHubs to build the tools they needed to map new dams and transmission line projects across the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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