Comprehensive tools and data for deforestation and fire monitoring in your supply chain 

Investors need accurate, clear, and impartial analysis of deforestation and fire risks to screen prospective investments and monitor prospective ones. Forest Report provides the historical and near realtime monitoring of deforestation and hotspots. 


Forest Report

A deforestation and fire monitoring platform to give analysts the insights across and asset class

  • Create lists for all your locations to aggregate deforestation daily across your supply chain​

  •  View interactive dashboards with deforestation statistics, maps, and satellite imagery of each location

  • Turn your stats and maps in custom forests reports to share with you 

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Create stunning 3D visualizations of your whole supply chains 

  • Vizualize supply chain links between concessions, mills, and refineries 

  • Customizable supply chain links to display by (e.g., volume or risk)

  • Add contextual layers (e.g. land use, forest loss, etc)

  • Integrate visualizations with Forest Report platform


Receive concise monthly reports on your high risk locations straight to your inbox

  • Summary statistics of your whole supply chain

  • Maps and statistics illustrating recent deforestation and fire activity

  • Before and after satellite imagery