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MapHubs Portal

 A simple, fast, and secure platform to get your whole team mapping 

MapHubs Portal is a dedicated mapping platform for making and managing data and creating interactive maps and stories.

Create and load data

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  • Upload shp, kml, geojson, GPX, and CSV files

  • Upload raster files such as MBtiles and GeoTiffs

  • Load Remote data sources such as ArcGIS services, or Mapbox styles

  • Load Google Earth Engine, Planet, and Maxar assets

Data management

Organize your data, maps and stories and invite other users to add and edit. 

  • Set up groups to manage who can edit and add

  • Groups can be be organized for particular projects, locations, and teams

Map Making 

Make beautiful maps with your data with our simple to use map maker

  • Style your layers, add labels, colors, icons, base maps, change layer order 

  • Share your map publicly with shareable links 

  • Handy measurement tools to calculate distance and area

  • Embed maps in third party websites and your social media channels

  • Create static maps for reports and presentations

Map Stories 

Turn your maps into stories with our map story maker. Perfect for when you need to explain a series of maps 

  • Embed your interactive maps into map story maker  

  • Simple to use rich text editor let's you write with ease

  • Upload images and embed them in your story 



Mighty Earth - a hard charging environmental campaigning group - uses MapHubs to map topics from palm oil expansion in Indonesia to deforestation caused by the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast 

Together we have made

- 8,000+ map layers 

- Over 3,000 maps

- Monitored 24 million hectares of rainforest 

  every month 

"MapHubs certainly helped make our work more impactful.”

-  Etelle Higonnet, Mighty Earth

Pricing starts at $199/month