Comprehensive tools and data for deforestation and fire monitoring for NDPE Commitments 

Whether you are a consumer goods company, commodity trader, or a watchdog, MapHubs provides the  detection tools to analyze deforestation and fire from plantation to refinery

Forest Report

A deforestation and fire monitoring platform to give analysts the tools to accurately identify and quantify risks

  • Daily deforestation monitoring for thousands of palm mills, plantation, and smallholder farms

  • Create lists for all your locations to aggregate deforestation daily across your supply chain​

  •  View interactive dashboards with deforestation statistics, maps, and satellite imagery of each location

  • Turn your stats and maps in custom forests reports to share with you 

Supply Chain Mapping

Create stunning 3D visualizations of your whole supply chains 

  • Illustrate supply chain links between concessions, mills, and refineries 

  • Customizable supply chain links to display by (e.g., volume or risk)

  • Add contextual layers (e.g. land use, forest loss, etc)

  • Integrate visualizations with Forest Report platform


Receive concise monthly reports on your high risk locations straight to your inbox

  • Summary statistics of your whole supply chain

  • Maps and statistics illustrating recent deforestation and fire activity

  • Before and after satellite imagery 



Receive monthly PDF Forest Reports for your oil palm concessions, smallholder farms, or palm mills 

  • Summary deforestation and fire statistics for your supply chain

  • Maps and analysis of high risk assets

  • Forest loss verified with recent satellite imagery

  • Coordinates and QR Code of deforestation events for field investigation


Monitor thousands of locations for deforestation and fires and produce custom reports with your dedicated Forest Report platform​​

  • Dedicated platform

  • Customize mill and concession monitoring by land class, species  

  • Load satellite imagery

  • Produce your own forest reports to share with stakeholders


Bespoke monitoring systems for thousands of locations featuring  integrated mapping and supply chain tools, and satellite imagery

  • Fully integrated deforestation and fire monitoring system

  • MapHubs portal for data management and map making

  • Dedicated Forest Report system with satellite imagery

  • Fully supported

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