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independent observer for palm oil buyers and investors palm icon only.png is a web platform to help financial, procurement and sustainability analysts screen and monitor deforestation and other ESG risks in palm oil supply chains

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Full supply chain analytics analyzes deforestation and other ESG risks across the global supply chain  


  • 2,000+ palm mills

  • 480+ refineries and crushers

  • 400+ high risk concessions 

  • All major palm oil traders, buyers, and suppliers are screened

Analysis is derived from actual performance not your typical ESG box ticking. 

Performace-based ratings

​ assesses risks in company's supply chain

  • Recent, historical, and future deforestation risk

  • "ABCDF" ratings provide clear performance metrics 

  • Analysis backed by MapHubs' technology  

  • Identifies other companies buying from the same suppliers

Grievance tracking tracks grievances filed by major palm oil traders and buyers

  • A database of 1000+ grievances tracked from deforestation cases to labor and land disputes 

  • Grievance response rates tracked and rated provides 3D interactive maps of grievance locations and links to other grievance filings​


ETF Tracking tracks over $145+ billion of investment in the palm oil suppliers and buyers

  •  >2,000 NYSE traded funds updated weekly 

  • Includes ESG funds 

  • Assess investment risk by viewing company dashboards and ratings 


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