MapHubs provides a full range of services from training courses to custom deforestation monitoring  


We can source, organize and process your data to start quickly generating mapping outputs to engage your stakeholders. 


We will analyze your data and aggregate your results to produce a snapshot that offers intelligence and key insights into trends, patterns and priorities. 


We can offer your managers and team one-to-one training to optimize the results you can achieve with MapHubs.

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Data Processing

Not sure how to load your data into MapHubs? Don’t have an in-house GIS data team? We can help you get started.

Satellite + Raster Data

Need up-to-date imagery, or raster analysis products? Need to load data from sources such as Landsat, Sentinel, Planet or DigitalGlobe? We can setup map services that meet your needs.

Your Data Systems

Already have maps services, or other types of data systems? We can help connect your existing data systems.

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Installation & Maintenance

Too busy to worry about software and servers? We will set you up and all you need to do is make maps!

Custom Development

Need to embed maps in your website? Need a custom feature? We can customize the open-source MapHubs software so you can share your maps with stakeholders and audiences.


Need help getting started with MapHubs? We offer remote and on-site training courses designed for all skills levels 

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Need a professional product to present to audiences and stakeholders? We offer map creation services for premium clients.

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