The 3-minute Map Challenge

MapHubs makes it extremely easy to make an interactive web map. We think anyone can learn to make a map in 3 minutes or less!

Make a Map in 3 Minutes

Give it try now, the MapHubs site Map for Environment has hundreds of public map layers to choose from.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Make a Map

  3. Select a map layer, or search for additional layers

  4. Add more layers (as many as you want)

  5. (Optional) Change a layer's color, or add text labels and marker icons

  6. (Optional) Give your map a name and save it

  7. (Optional) Share it! On Facebook, Twitter, email, PowerPoint, or embed the map in your website or blog posts (like this one).

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MapHubs for your Organization

With MapHubs you can have your own mapping website, upload your private data and choose when to publish maps publicly, plus lots more.

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