Monitoring intact forest with MapHubs

Intact forest is the good stuff. Free from major human disturbances such as roads, intact forest often holds the highest biodiversity, sequesters the most carbon, and is home to some of our planet's most unique and endangered indigenous cultures. Protecting intact forest from exploitation is critical to mitigating climate change and arresting biodiversity loss, but we continue to lose it at alarming rates.

Magdalen College, Oxford

At a conference convened at Magdalen College, by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Oxford University, MapHubs joined discussed scientists, policy experts, and practitioners, both the underlying science measures we can take to protect intact forest and its extraordinary values.

Mapping intact forest

See Map:

In conjunction with the conference, the 2016 map of intact forest map was released. The map above illustrates the remaining large blocks of relatively untrammeled forest. As the map above illustrates, the intactness of the island of Papua has been particularly hard hit by encroaching oil palm and logging interests; their impacts ballooning from Sumatra and Borneo.

Historical Intact Forest Analysis

Forest Monitoring Dashboard with automated IFL loss Calculator

The intact forest map is updated approximately every three years. To help document and communicate loss of intact forest, MapHubs has added IFL loss analysis tools to all of our portals. This will allow our users to automatically generate 2000-2013 and 2013-2016 intact forest loss estimates for any area of interest. You can instantly analyze historical intact forest loss in protected areas, oil palm and logging concessions, and indigenous territories.

Near real time forest monitoring with the GLAD alerts

With integrated GLAD alerts from the University of Maryland, MapHubs allows you to track and map recent intact forest clearance. This allows our users to constantly track intact forest loss, map loss, and share results with stakeholders.

Monitoring certification

FSC and Non FSC Concessions in the Heart of Borneo (Map:

A number of certification bodies are concerned about IFL loss, particularly the Forest Stewardship Council. This is issue was highlighted in a recent paper, which illustrated that FSC-certified concessions cut more intact forest than non-certified concessions. MapHubs can aid companies, watchdogs, and certification auditors, track intact forest fragmentation and ensure certification requirements are followed.

IFL monitoring can also help organizations using the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA). As intact landscapes typically hold both high carbon and conservation value, monitoring and mapping clearance within the landscapes.