Introducing Forest Report: Deforestation intelligence for everyone

In England, we have an expression, “it does exactly what it says on the tin”. It originated from an ad campaign selling wood stain and is now commonly used to describe something doing exactly what it says it does. This is why we decided to call our latest product, Forest Report.

Forest Report ( is quite simply a deforestation reporting service. Our monthly reports give you the statistics and maps that you need to make informed decisions about your supply chain and investments. Whether you are cocoa cooperative in the Ivory Coast or a multinational agriculture company, we offer a reporting service to fit all needs and budgets. And if you want to make your own reports, we can set up a version of our software.

Two Reasons why you need Forest Report

There are two reasons why we need to get serious about forest monitoring.

Tightening regulations

Climate change and biodiversity have reached crisis levels and are finally moving up the policy agenda, particularly in key markets like the European Union. New regulations and policies are requiring greater scrutiny of deforestation in supply chains. This pressure is compelling companies to disclose their complex web of suppliers, creating a greater need for monitoring systems at the farm or "asset" level.

Greater transparency

The growing availability of satellite imagery, supply chain data, forest alerts, and mapping software has democratized forest monitoring but the early adopters have been NGOs not companies. Watchdogs now flag deforestation events before investors and agriculture companies are even aware of them. Companies that do not have forest monitoring risk harming their reputations, losing clients and investment, as well as incurring fines.

Monitoring for the few not the many

There are over 3,000 Palm Oil Concessions in Indonesia. Forest Report monitors all of them every month as well as the mills they supply

Despite the growing availability of forest data and technology, harnessing it can be costly and technically difficult. Large agricultural companies and banks can hire in house experts and consultants to analyze their supply chains, but smaller companies and community cooperatives typically have no access to deforestation information and tools. Without being able to verify that their supply chain is deforestation-free, they risk being excluded from premium markets and will instead feed the so-called 'leakage' market.

How Forest Report solves this

Forest Report is the first system to bring all the necessary data and tools needed into one place. Like an information supply chain, Forest Report takes raw data like forest alerts, land use data, asset areas (e.g., cocoa farms, oil palm concessions), and satellite imagery and turns it into actionable reports that give you the who, the what, the why, and the how much of deforestation in the supply chain.

Forest Report provides two services for organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Product 1 - Reports

Example Forest Report

Intelligence and Comprehensive Reports

We have a growing catalogue of affordable monthly reports for a variety of countries and commodities. Intelligence reports are top five or top ten lists of assets such as palm mills, protected areas, or rubber concessions that had the most deforestation in the past month. Reports uses a combination of forest alerts filtered by land use such as primary forest, peat land, and other land uses. Alerts are checked with recent satellite imagery with results published in concise digestible reports available as PDF or secure links. We also track supply chain disclosures and update our reports with the most recent trader and buyer information.

Custom reports

If you have your own supply chain data, we can create a custom report and adjust the analysis to your needs. Custom reports are built, so you can share them with your clients or publish to your website.

Product 2 - Dashboard

If you are a company or sustainability consultancy that needs to monitor large supply chains, Dashboard provide the data and tools, so you can produce your own Forest Reports.

Dashboard example for the Universal Mill List

Dashboard is fully customizable. You upload your assets, configure analysis modules to calculate stats from your own land use classification datasets and produce branded reports to share with your clients or publish to your own website.

Dashboards help you analyze your assets and view recent imagery

With dashboard, you can find the high risk locations quickly and produce actionable reports in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional GIS and word processing software. By bringing all the necessary data and processing capabilities into one place, it will help your over worked GIS team more efficiently find and monitor deforestation.

Our software comes fully support, and we build everything encrypted by default so your data is secure.

Less talk more tins

Yes it does, mate.

Forest Report provides deforestation monitoring services that works for everyone. Deforestation commitments are never going to work if we have companies and smallholders are being excluded because they cannot afford software and consulting services. Forest Report is about getting the job done or as us Brits would say, doing exactly what it says on the tin.

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