About MapHubs

MapHubs is a technology company that provides software and services to organizations monitoring deforestation and other natural resource issues. 



Maps Matter

Whether you are a palm oil company or an environmental watchdog, maps are essential to understanding natural resources. The provide context, evidence, and clarity to complex issues from deforestation to artisanal mining. 

Many organizations, however, have limited in house mapping capabilities and those that do, rely upon over-stretched GIS specialists relying upon software designed at the turn of the century. 

Our cutting edge automated forest monitoring technology drives sustainable cocoa farming in West Africa, monitor palm oil expansion in Indonesia, and tracks social investments from mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Why us? 

Deep Deforestation Insights

Forest Report, our deforestation monitoring platform, monitors every palm mill, Indonesian oil palm concessions, thousands of soybean farms, cattle ranches, and much more every day for deforestation and fires.  The results have lead to hundreds of grievances filed, supplier suspensions, and drive strengthened monitoring practices and accountability across industries. 



We tailor our technology and services to your needs. Need a custom risk map to analyze your palm oil supply chain? We'll make it. Want to link a remote data service? We'll set it up.  Want to monitor a peat land from 2015 onwards? We can do that. 


Our technology is built and maintained by us comes fully supported. No third party systems - just you and us. We perform regular software updates, maintenance checks, provide training courses, and answer questions you may have. 



Our mission is to provide the necessary intelligence for decision-makers to manage natural resources sustainably.


We support organizations in becoming better stewards of the planet by giving them the tools to be engaged with industry changes, to maintain their competitive edge, and to ultimately preserve our forests. We give you a simple, fast and secure mapping platform to monitor and analyze change across your Areas of Interest so you can take informed action.


May 2019



Launch of MapHubs-powered Map for Environment

MapHubs founded in Washington, D.C.

January 2017

October 2017

MapHubs Mapping helps Mighty Earth gain new commitments on Deforestation-free Cocoa

MapHubs launches

Forest Report

October 2018

Mighty Earth launches MapHubs-powered Rapid Response System

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