From Indonesia to the Congo Basin, we have helped leading international organizations monitor natural resource extraction in critical ecosystems

Mighty Earth - Rapid Response

Real-time concession-level deforestation monitoring in Indonesia and Malaysia using Forest Report

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Greenpeace - Kepo Hutan

Mapping deforestation, fires, and related industries in Indonesia, powered with MapHubs Portal

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Congo Mines

A dynamic database and map of mining in Democratic Republic of the Congo with maps powered by MapHubs Portal

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Moabi DRC

Moabi DRC was an independent initiative that collaboratively monitors natural resource use in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Orangutans in Crisis - EIA

MapHubs assisted with analysis and mapping of organutan habitat loss

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Paradise Lost -Global Witness

MapHubs mapped logging roads and deforestation in Solomon Islands

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Map for Environment

A collaborative mapping platform, providing open access to hundreds of map layers and tools for interactive map making. Built using MapHubs Portal.

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UNDP Paraguay

Piloted a farm-level deforestation monitoring system for a proposed credit program in cattle ranchers in Paraguay. Built using Forest Report.

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