Forest APIs

Stable, tailor made, API services for software developers

We offer Forest Report data as an API for developers to use in their software. Get access to forest cover, historical deforestation, daily deforestation and fire alerts, as well as a range of national level land use and land cover datasets.


Forest Report APIs

​The Forest Report API is a standard JSON REST API, send a GeoJSON geometry of your area or interest and it returns JSON statistics from the selected dataset. Alert datasets return GeoJSON data for the alerts in your areas, land cover datasets return zonal statistics of the raster classes.

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Custom Styling

​The Forest Report Map Tile API offers corresponding map tiles for all the datasets in the API. The tiles are standard Z/X/Y format used by Mapbox, OpenStreetMap,Google Maps, and others. Map colors can be customized to fit your design.

API Options

  • Tree Cover 2000-2019 (Global)

  • Tree Cover Loss 2000-2019 (Global)

  • Daily Forest Alerts (Global)

  • Tree Plantations (Global)

  • Fire Hotspots (Global)

  • Primary Forest 2001 (Global)

  • Landcover 

    • Indonesia ​

    • Africa

    • Brazil 

    • Amazon & Chaco

Contact for full list 

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Pricing starts at $399/month